Here we have a small selection of clients that have allowed us to display the amazing results they have achieved working with us to rehabilitate their injuries and correct their structural imbalances. We consider ourselves to be amongst the top rehabilitation specialists in the country – if you want real long lasting results then contact us!


After 2 months of physio with no real progress, client Y came to us for help with her frozen shoulder. After 4 weeks of specific training and only 3 treatments she regained full function of her shoulder!


8 weeks of specific exercise and treatment protocols – pain free! Some exercises at home for maintenance and now he can sit on the floor with his baby daughter and play for hours without any back pain.


Doctors told him he needed to operate both hips in order to be pain free. After our thorough assessment we completely disagreed. It took 3 treatments and 4 weeks of training to get Fatih 100% pain free! He is forever grateful for our advice and competence.


When we first met Nera she couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes. Every time she moved she was in excruciating pain. She’d seen many doctors and therapists and had no success. It was a long hard process but after 5 months of dedicated work we got her back to full fitness in time for her wedding!


After world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin advised Guy to see us, he knew he would be in good hands. Guy suffered for nearly 2 years with chronic elbow pain, saw a number of specialist doctors and therapists with no avail – we had him back to full fitness after a few weeks.


After years of suffering with back pain and nerve referral, Thomas found his way to us. His chiropractor has sent us many patients and knew that we could help him. The process was long and hard but Thomas did what was asked of him and is now pain free!