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Matt does really great work and is super competent. He has been able to heal my pain in a very short time, pain that doctors and therapists have not been able to treat in over a year. In addition, thanks to him, I was able to increase the quality and efficiency of my training through greatly improving my exercise execution. I highly recommend him and his team.


Zenith Performance – Comprehensive and Complex Strength Training
It’s not just the right exercise choices that determine how successful your strength training is. You can train as hard as you want. It’s the perfect interaction of individual conditions, methodology, execution and regeneration that make up successful strength training and determine the increase in performance. In sprinting, this means an increase in performance in terms of hundredths of a second, which ultimately determines victory or defeat.

Matt and his team have taken my performance to a whole new level!


I have had problems with my back for many years. My diagnosis is that 3 intervertebral discs are worn out and therefore my nerves radiate into my leg. I have tried various therapies but unfortunately without results. My chiropractor recommended Zenith. Already after the first visit and a few weeks of targeted exercises at home, my situation has improved massively. The professional training structure and the competent support have been very positive for me. It’s a pity that I didn’t get in touch with Zenith much earlier. I can only recommend this great team and I will continue to use the good expertise and training know-how.


I came to Matt during my competition preparation on the recommendation of my coach Burak Olgun, because I could not activate my gluteus muscles well (that also has to be learned) and my back view (butt) on stage was my weak point last season. My glutes would simply not fire properly during basic exercises, so other muscles, mainly the hip flexor, had to pick up the slack. It wasn’t long before my hip flexor muscles became painfully inflamed and instead me performing heavily loaded exercises, I had to go through a long and arduous therapy.

After thousands of activation exercises and training without much weight, I finally learned to wake up my glutes from hibernation and make them work, thanks to the help and specific instructions from Matt.

Thanks for all your help Matt! TOP!