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After my amateur football career of about 20 years, I was looking for a new sporting challenge as a balance to my work-travel and office life. This I had found in weight training / fitness. I have been training with motivation and consistency on a regular basis for the past 7 years. Unfortunately, I through incorrect form I created a mass of tension and pain in the back and neck area. The tension became so bad that it even affected my autonomic nervous system. The consequences were frequent digestive issues and mild nausea. 

I had various massage techniques, doctor’s visits, blood tests, gastrointestinal endoscopies, Chiro visits and finally also physiotherapies taken up. Fortunately no serious issues were found but what was frustrating was that none of the plethora of treatments helped either.

A friend recommended Matt to me and convinced me that I should change my training plan and correct any muscular imbalances. After a thorough assessment and medical history analysis, Matt identifies my issues and started me on a rehabilitation training plan to get me back on the road to health. Matt’s advise and support in relearning the basics of fitness and correcting the acquired imbalances successfully put me back on a new, carefree path. 

Thank you Matt!


I came to Matt during my competition preparation on the recommendation of my coach Burak Olgun, because I could not activate my gluteus muscles well (that also has to be learned) and my back view (butt) on stage was my weak point last season. My glutes would simply not fire properly during basic exercises, so other muscles, mainly the hip flexor, had to pick up the slack. It wasn’t long before my hip flexor muscles became painfully inflamed and instead me performing heavily loaded exercises, I had to go through a long and arduous therapy.

After thousands of activation exercises and training without much weight, I finally learned to wake up my glutes from hibernation and make them work, thanks to the help and specific instructions from Matt.

Thanks for all your help Matt! TOP!


Zenith Performance – Comprehensive and Complex Strength Training
It’s not just the right exercise choices that determine how successful your strength training is. You can train as hard as you want. It’s the perfect interaction of individual conditions, methodology, execution and regeneration that make up successful strength training and determine the increase in performance. In sprinting, this means an increase in performance in terms of hundredths of a second, which ultimately determines victory or defeat.

Matt and his team have taken my performance to a whole new level!


I am an enthusiastic handball player in the 2nd league in Olten and have been playing handball for 9 years. For about half a year I have suffered from shoulder pain in my left shoulder. Many of the handball team said that this is normal, a “handball disease”, but I do not want to get involved because I am only 23 and in my opinion should not have such pain at this age. A friend from Crossfit then recommended me to Matt. That was the best decision I could ever make, with only 3 treatments the pain was as good as gone and I have also already achieved improvement success in handball (better shooting power, more precise shots). I am absolutely thrilled and recommend it to everyone. In addition, he is a really cool and sympathetic guy!